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by BloodReavers at 10:04 AM
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I have been trying to avoid writing this but it would seem that our most recent world no longer runs server side. Phaed, Captain, and me have all tried various things to get it back up.... but something is either missing or corrupted from the move, even throwing the mods configs and world into the working alpha server which should work still produces errors on start up.

The alpha pack is a stripped down version of the original pack made, and we removed the majority of the mods that were causing issues, lag and crashes. Which means some of the bigger mods and several of the mods that added multiple worlds.

As of now the pack is finished out side of double checking for any updates to mods we have and adding client side mods for the pack

This being said,
We need help with a few things.

1. We want input on the client side mods that will be released with the pack...
by foenixphire at 11:34 AM
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Ello everyone, it is finally that time where we select what client side mods we want in the modpack!
So for this thread, I would like for everyone to only post the mod name, the website, and an explanation of what it does.



This will not be the place for us to vote on these so any post that is not in this format will be removed. Once a list is compiled we will put up some votes on whether to add it or not or if it is, lets say a bunch of different minimaps, then we would put up a vote for all of them in one poll to vote on.

If at all possible, we would like this list to be completed...