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by CaptainFahQ at 10:33 AM
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Hello everyone!

As a result of our vote here:

He will be imposing LWC limits shortly - within a few days. This is a final warning to everyone to have their chests in a secure room that is Pstoned as the change will likely wipe all existing locks!!!!!

UPDATE - The restrictions will come into effect on Wednesday evening. No set time so get your stuff locked! it will be 10 max lockable chests, and other lockable items will not be restricted.
(Pro tip - enabling the prevent-teleport flag by typing /ps toggle prevent-teleport you will stop players from using ender pearls or other TP means to gain entry!!)
by CaptainFahQ at 4:36 PM
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Hey guys,

This has been banned in previous versions because PvP is almost impossible with it. It's a flying item which we generally frowned upon in the past. I leave it up to you guys - just keep in mind we are trying to keep this somewhat balanced for newer players so we can grow our playerbase!