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by CaptainFahQ at 9:51 AM
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Hey guys,

Just picked up 16 more Gigs of ram and another 250 GB SSD for the server. That pretty much blew the budget lol, but this will make it much easier for us to run a Minigames or Building server at the same time as the normal one, as well as make backups faster and less laggy. Will increase max RAM for the normal server should improve performance somewhat.

Also, we now have an offical TS3 server! I paid big bucks for a year and custom server name so make sure everyone is using this for communications!

Thanks for the donations guys, soon we will have our new mega server rack!
by CaptainFahQ at 5:16 PM
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Yes, its the dreaded announcement everyone fears. We had a crash this afternoon that caused some corruption to the server. This caused player inventories and player data to be wiped randomly on disconnect. In order to ensure we proceed with a stable and non-corrupted pack, I have reverted to a safe backup where we can be sure it is no longer corrupted. I have no idea what caused this to happen as the log contains zero data whatsoever. I'm not sure if this was a failure on the part of the MC server software, or a problem with the server itself at this time. I'm leaning heavily towards a failure on the server, as the Creative server went down at the same time. To be safe, I loaded the backup copy from Wednesday 5:45pm MST.

Super sorry I know this uber sucks - This is the only way to make absolutely sure we move forward with a stable pack.