Best FREE VPN for Kodi and Do You Need One?

Today’s scenario people use VPN with Kodi for the sake of protection of layer and to obtain content for their country otherwise, ISP may lock you. People use VPN for hiding or for travelling to your location online.

Reasons for a VPN and Kodi 

  • Break free of network restrictions
  • Appear to be in a different location
  • Security – Encrypted IP Tunnel
  • Mask your identity – Different IP Address

What to Look for In a Free VPN for Kodi?

The vital thing you can look at in VPN with Kodi is that IPs available, reputation, fast data streams and multiple locations also. To play a standard definition video minimum speed required is 25Mbps for new 4k Ultra HD and 5Mbps-10Mbps for HD 720/1080p. If at 1Mbps VPN transfers data then reputation doesn’t matter they will not going to stream videos.

Best VPN for Kodi on Firestick 2018

5Mbps speed at least required to transfer that’s why VPN number is preferred to have and it is important to have. From different Countries, you can pick and choose from where you want to be seen coming from that’s why it is also good if you have a number of IP address. If you want to know the where multiple seem is located then you will need multiple IPs. Let’s explain this through by giving you the example:

Outside the USA Netflix is known to block the users. To look like people outside the USA as if they are in the USA they use VPN.

VPN should be reputable as it is vital to potentially see data of yours that it is following through their network or not. If you want to use VPN then use paid service as it is much faster for your sensitive data and don’t use and trust free VPN.

What is the Best VPN for Kodi? 

There are many VPNs available that are simple but we are providing you two paid VPNs

  • IPVanish
  • VyprVPN

Above mention, both VPNs are good with better speed and various locations around the world to connect but from above two we will recommend you to choose IPVanish as it has hundreds of worldwide servers without any throttling.

How to Setup Kodi with a VPN 

To download an app for the android box most of the VPNs provide the software. Built-in support is available to connect the set-up in most of the windows and androids. You need an internet connection and later on VPN for typical set-up. Kodi will go on through these servers after all internet connection will include the traffic.

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