Best Kodi Xbox one Add-ons

Numerous of people are using best Kodi Xbox one and through this article, we are going to give you detailed knowledge about the best Kodi Xbox one Add-ons and will let you know how to install Kodi Xbox one Add-ons in detail because they always want to work of Kodi Xbox look best.

As you all are aware of the interesting and amazing live events of sports and movies also and much more. Have you ever thought that there must be some Kodi Xbox which will not be working but doesn’t think much on that because we will give you much more details about the best Kodi Xbox which are working? Below are two Kodi Xbox which works very smoothly so, have a look

  • Cerebro and Castaway for Xbox

 Today we all love to watch live on Xbox it seems too difficult but not that as they say that they compatible but in actual they are not according to their research and experience so we have found that  Cerebro and Castaway both are good add-ons for streaming live TV content on your Xbox. Both are good and provided in the USA and UK. Castaway provides content to the UK only not to the USA. In Castaway you will get live TV channels in the UK and then stream them.

  • Exodus for Xbox one

 If you really love to watch online movies, sports events and playing video games then I will suggest you Exodus because it is very old and we all know that old is gold and it hasn’t shown any update till now so this is the best Xbox one for you all. You can get it to install by repository file.

Above mentioned Xbox are the best one you can use them now we will be going to give you guidance on how to install Exodus for Xbox one.

Do Follow the Steps Mentions Below:

    • Firstly, go to the setting option through Kodi app on the left corner of your Kodi device and click on that.
    • After clicking on setting option, you will be redirected to a page that will be consisting with many icons and you have to click on “FILE MANAGER
    • File Manager option will open and you will see their option on the left side “ADD SOURCE” click on that.

5. Now you need to give the name to your file select an OK button below and click on add-on button.

6. Now click on the box like icon which is a package of the installer on a top left side and then click it for long to open zip file option.

7. Now the new screen will show you with the option click on that and notification will pop up saying install add on to your Kodi.

Hope following the above steps properly you will be able to install Exodus add-on to your Kodi device and if you want to install any other add-on then follow the same steps just change the URL and file name. you will be able to easily install them.

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