How To Setup & Install Sports Mania Kodi Add-ons

Sports Mania Kodi Add-on is different from other Kodi as we compare. The content it carries is of high quality with HD quality. You can watch any event of sports via this Kodi.

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Setup & Install Sports Mania Kodi Add-ons

  1. Click on the Setting option on the left side corner.

2. Now click on the File Manager option.

3. On the left side click on the add source option.

4. Click on the option where it shows the none.

5. You have to now click on and press OK.

6. click on Add-ons.

7. Now double check the everything and click OK.

8. Now get back to the main screen.

9. Now you have to click on the Installer Package icon beside the setting option.

10. After that, It new screen will appear on that you have to click on install from zip file.

11. Now, wait a pop-up will appear saying Sports Mania Repository Installed.

12. Now click on Sports Mania Repo.

13. Finally, click on install.

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